Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Won Fu's Photo Story

Won Fu at the 2008 Hash Marathon rock Festival. Visiting the Reins of St. Paul's in Macau. From left to right: Dupy, Mami, Twiggy and Xiao Min.

Nominated as the Best Band at the 19th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards in 2008. Won Fu in their friend-made 60's retro chic. From left to right: Mami, Dupy, Twiggy and Xiao Min.

Won Fu's deute in Toyko, Japan, in May 2006. Performing their first Japanese song, DoReMi. From left to right: Twiggy, Xiao Min and Mami.

Won Fu in Taoyuan, Taiwan, filming advertisement for Sanyang motorcycle "Wow wow." From left to right: Dupy, Xiao Min, Twiggy at rear and Mami.

In 2006, Won Fu was invited to perform in Japan. This is the band at the John Lennon Museum in Tokyo. From left to right: Xiao Min, Twiggy, Mami and Dupy.

Won Fu taking a break before the 2009 Public Arts Awards in front of the Red House, a historical landmark in Taipei. From left to right: Mami, Dupy, Twiggy and Xiao Min.

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